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I love my Nissan.

Her name is Night Rider.

She's 23 years old, but that doesn't matter. I prefer old cars because you
usually don't owe anything on them, they're easier to work on, parts are
cheaper, and you're less likely to get hi-jacked.

Like everything and everyone in my life, she needs to be low maintenance,
loyal, reliable, just keep going and going and not let me down, even though
she gets almost no attention.

Lately though, it's been one thing after another. She's becoming
temperamental. Sometimes she won't start (starter motor), sometimes she
starts but then has no power and chugs down the road at 30 Ks an hour
(misfire?! Or something I can't diagnose). She leaks oil, water and
hydraulic fluid, and when she IS going properly, I battle to stop her (air
in the brake line).

She also like to overheat, but I can't tell when that's happening anymore
because the temperature gauge stopped working.

The petrol gauge stopped working at the same time as the temperature gauge,
so now I have to guess how much petrol I have. I would work it out according
to how many kilometers I've driven, but the speedometer and odometer thingy
packed up a couple of months ago.

She makes a strange noise when I press in the clutch, and a lot of the time
I'm changing gears on revs because the clutch cable needs adjustment.

And the passenger side mirror is hanging on by the wires and swings around

There's more, but I'm sure everyone's bored already!

Like, it's obviously time for a newer car, but I'll be devastated to get rid
of her!


Anonymous August 19, 2010 at 2:36 PM  

I love a woman who loves her car! You clearly know your Night Rider well. I'm sure you can coax a few more miles out of her...but there's nothing wrong with saying thank you and good bye, and move on to a younger model. Men do it all the time! LOL! Bridget

Linda August 19, 2010 at 2:37 PM  

This is one of the best captions I've ever read! Boring? Not at all! Loved it!


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