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Nicole 361/365

Me out and about in Guadalajara.

Nicole 363/365

Since I'm a few off at the end of the year, for my last few I'll submit
cheat photos that didn't make the cut the first time -

These aren't mine, but could they be any cuter??

Nicole 362/365

My cousin, at Plaza de Andares mall in Guadalajara.

Nicole 364/365

Another cheat from the year, courtesy of my dad's cat - greetings!

Nicole 365/365

This little boat was sailed around the world by a crazy Englishman. And I
ended this year feeling about as tired as if I had done so, too!

Bye bye for now - looking forward to next year!

Lisa 365/365

Long time no see, Ladies. I haven't been here since "118." Well, actually
I have. I come almost everyday and catch up on the rest of you. I wish I
could have stuck with it but to no avail. I contemplating giving 2010 a try
but I think I am a better follower. I've been watching all of your ups and
downs and good and bad and meetings and greetings. Thanks for sharing with
me and thank you for letting me share what little I could with you.

Best wishes to you all and know that I will be keeping up with you this time
around and maybe I will join up again next time.

Stephie 361/365

ok so cheat from yesterday but i had to! We had a full on tea party! With
eat me cakes, and drink me bottles of amazing port. Scones, little
sandwiches.. and oversize croquet course! i mean really! Tana really outdid
herself with this one for sure! She rules! I love her, her place, and all my
friends! what a great time!!

Stephie 364/365

Stephie 363/365

My friend from Norway is visiting! I met her in NZ in 04, then in the USA,
then in Australia, then when i was living in germany i went to spend the
weekend with her in oslo.. now on her way to Hawaii with her mom she stopped
by to see me! I love meeting people and staying in touch.. the world of
computers and facebook..

Stephie 362/365

ok same party.. but it is past 12 so it counts for the next day! I used a
tripod! I never really did before. taking photos at night is fun! I wish i
actually knew how to work my camera, i bet they would have come out better.
But i had this awesome photo shoot with everyone who was still there. What a
blast. This is shelley.. love her!

Stephie 360/365

Alice and wonderland party.. me and joe

Stephie 356/365

Stephie 358/365

the kids are getting my flare for dressing up! so awesome!

Stephie 357/365

a ferry ride with joe... :)

Stephie 355/365

we went to a silent disco! So a DJ plays and we all have headphones to be
able to hear. It is so rad.. you can go walk out on the beach, or boogie
where you are.. the funniest was watching people walk by who didn't know
what was going on.. a bunch of people dancing in silence.. so sweet!!

Stephie 354/265

Love SF and my friends!

Stephie 353/365

There is a reason i have been going to phish shows for 16 years.. there is a
reason why i would fly, drive for 27 hours, pay way too much... and just
love every minute.. because this band makes me feel like no other! I love

Stephie 352/365

Off to another show.. in rockstar status! We rented a 15 person van and had
one of those epic nights. One more of those nights where i went "really?
this is my life! i am sooo lucky!!" This is jeffro.. i met him on jamcruise.
We spent tons of time together last weekend. He is really just one of those
people that I feel like i have known my whole life. And well those eyes are
kinda dreamy......

Stephie 351/365

this is what it looks like when i come home for one day to do my laundry,
repack and head out to yet another music festival! I wonder what the
neighbors think!

jacinthe 365/365

We made it to the end! Whooouuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacinthe 364/365

this is what you need to learn french.... pretty scary even for me!!!

SororRavn 365/365

Lilith and I ending this year with a goofy ass pic. (Look at how long her
frikkin tongue is!) She is starting her own picture-a-day project tomorrow
with me ^_^

Amber 365/365

Amber 364/365

A little something I saw in Ross and had to photograph for one of my closest
friends, a NOLA native and, naturally, huuuuge Saints fan. Who dat!

Melissa 365/365

I can't believe I actually stuck with this, if only I could stick to a diet
or workout for a full year!

I am so glad that I was involved with this project. I have enjoyed being a
part of it and looking at things with a new eye. I just wish I had more
time to leave comments on everyones picture and I regret not getting to
"know" eveyone a little bit better.

I NEVER would have thought my last picture of the year would be with my
child. It has been an eventful year for me and I am glad you were all a
part of it. Thank you for being a part of my life for the past year.

I will be checking the new site everyday and hopefully can do this again.

Thank you Sarah :)

Have a great year everyone!

Chelle 359/365

Cheat - shotglasses that look all glowy!

Chelle 360/365

What happens when boys show up to girls night? They gotta wear skirts! We
tried to get make up on him but he resisted :(

Chelle 361/365

Birdies at starbucks, pecking at bread crumbs and glazed sugar crumbs.

Chelle 362/365

Chelle 363/365

My favorite appliance

Chelle 364/365

Ain't he pretty? My WoW guild took him down in one shot, pretty damn

Chelle 365/365

Ending on a shitty day at work. Understaffed and overtasked. Undersexed
and overweight. Underpaid and over tired. Realized that as I submitted
these last few days, there's an extra cheat in there somewhere… think I
missed photos on Wednesday… oi. Even with a calendar I still mess it up
lol! Well there's a new year on the horizon, I'll get it right next time.

Bex 357/365

It was a really shitty day with everything going wrong and then the
créche phoned to tell me that Ba had fallen.

Check out the size of that bump!

Melissa 363/365

Melissa 364/365

Back to work :(

Heather 365/365

Hey Chickies! (I realize these are roosters btw). I was hoping for something
gorgeous and eloquent for the last day of Year 2. It ain't gonna happen. I'm
stressed out, disorganized and sick. It looks like my house has exploded in
baby stuff and paperwork. I know it's only going to get worse.

Love you all! See ya tomorrow on 3.0!

stephie 365/365

365 days.... over 3 continents, 8 countries, 6 states, countless
festivals, shows and parties. I have made more amazing friends, became even
closer with the ones I had. I became an Auntie for the first time! I lost
45lbs! and counting... 15 to go! I realized that I am so much better single!
And that is ok.. that being comfortable with myself, happy, and living my
dreams is more important than anything else. I will find that perfect person
when the time is right, and until then I am happier then I have ever been
before. I have made more leaps and bounds in my personal growth this year
than any year before.. I can feel and see the changes within me. I am beyond
thankful! I am so happy it was all going on during a year that i was photo
blogging.. Thank you sarah for all your hard work! Thank you ladies for all
your amazing comments, and support.. This really has been an amazing
experience, and my life as always is so much better when it is shared!!
Next year.. will be even better than the last.... so much love and light to

Laura 365/365

A backpack and a bag of supplies for the classroom.

An ending and a beginning.

The last night of summer vacation. School begins tomorrow.

The last day of Envisage 2. Envisage 3 begins tomorrow.

The last time we start a new school year. Senior year begins tomorrow.

Here come the endings and beginnings.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to all of you for your
support and sisterhood over the past year. Most of all thanks to Sarah who
brought us all together in the first place. It has been an honor to
participate here and to get to know you ladies.

That darn song is going through my head again...Closing time, every new
beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Maureen 365/365

"I'd like to call back summertime and have her stay for just another month
or so
But she's got the urge for going and I guess she'll have to go" - Joni

She was having a hard time falling asleep tonight and came to me where I was
by the computer. She said that she was sad, because time was going by too
fast. I know how she feels.

Sarah 365/365

I could so easily have broken this year, at times I felt like I had cracked into a thousand pieces. I was more afraid this year than I think I have ever been before. There are so many reasons I did not break apart and lie in a puddle on the floor, one of them is Envisage, all of you. Each and every one of you held me up when I felt like sinking.

I wanted to create a space for women to feel supported, accepted and loved. I think we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have succeeded, we have all succeeded.

You women helped save my life this year, I am eternally fucking grateful.

adrienne 365/365

i started the year with a picture of my incredible little lady clara and her
very first pigtail... i'm ending the year with that same incredible little
lady and her brand new baby sister. it's hard to believe how much has
happened over the past year- then, i had two children, a husband who was
deployed, and i was living with my mother in new jersey. now, i have 3
beautiful babies and get to go to sleep beside the love of my life every
single night in our lovely home in north carolina. life is good... no,
scratch that. life is GRAND! i can honestly say that, right now, i am the
happiest i've ever been in my life. i know there will be a million more ups
and downs, but if i can hold onto the memories of a time this wonderful, i'm
hopeful i can make it through the roller coaster of life. i am so glad i
decided to participate in this project and am looking forward to what the
next year of envisage brings. thank you ladies for letting me peek into
your lives and being there with a supportive comment when i needed one the
most. you are awesome... and sarah, thank you so much for creating this
outlet- i know i'm not alone in thinking that you are pretty damn FANTASMIC!

bye bye 2009 and hello envisage2010!

Mary 365/365

Some flowers for the last day

Maureen 364/365

New school shoes in the process of being broken in, while waiting for the
bus this morning.

Linda 364/365

The Girls love hanging their heads out of the truck window -- especially
when they get to share it.

Mary Jane 364/365

Before I explain the picture, let me just say, holy crap tomorrow is our
last day and that makes me feel sad, happy, relieved...a plethora of
emotions. That said, here's a dog in doggie heaven. Nathan and I went to
Social Circle, Georgia tonight for auction business. Social Circle
is about an hour's lovely drive through the country and I mean
country....like farms and little towns kind of country. The couple that we
visited, Bo and Angela, have an incredible farm. This picture shows just a
small part of their property, the backyard that is fenced in for their 4
dogs. Here's one of them smiling for the camera. See the little white
house with the red doggie bone over the door? Yes, that is the dog house.
Yes, it is lighted, heated and air conditioned (eat your heart out
JackBastard). I had a hard time deciding which picture to use because of
all the animals (I've posted the rest on Facebook if you are interested).
Not sure how many acres they have, but they had a ton of cows, three
donkeys, goats, guinea hens, chickens, turkeys, bunnies, dogs, ducks,
horses, and a pond full of fish. It was beautiful, serene, peaceful. And
to top it off, they are really nice people. Just good, kind, down to earth,
nice people.

SororRavn 364/365

Lilith has taken an interest in this project over the last year and wanted
to be in on this upcoming year. Since she is only 11, I turned her down but
see no problem with her doing it herself. She now has her own little blog,
under mine, to post her pictures for the next year. We will see how she

Niki 364/365

Ladies, I need your help.

In two weeks I start nursing school and will need to have my hair up
or short enough during the school year. So what do you ladies think?
I'm not as thin as I was the last time I did short hair so I'm not as
at ease about the decision as I was in the past...


Niki 363/365

Hooray for gift cards! My latest haul from B&N plus a couple bookmarks.

Niki 362/365

Saw this while out RV shopping with my parents. Made me think of
Oregon-- last time I saw such a serious dune buggy!

Robin Two 365/365

Wow!! 365/365!!!................looks like we made it.....:) Thank you
ladies for allowing me in your lives through the eyes of your
camera......Huge thanks to Sarah as well, for without you...none of this
would be possible.......See you around for year three.....*Mwah* xoxo


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