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We found our van!!! Right in our price range at $5995 AND they will buy my
car for $3500 which is a low end private selling price! Oh Wait! The guy I
was working with is a douchebag!!!!! I had to take the kids home to eat and
nap after looking at cars for 3 1/2 hours. Tyler said he would finish up at
the dealership. After I left all of a sudden the price of the vehicle went
up to $6400 ( I have paper work with the orignial quoted price on it from HIM). The douchebag knew anything over $6K I would walk. Period. Well
I wasn't there, Tyler was. We KNOW for a FACT they bought this van for
$5200. They would still be making $800. They were trying to get FULL KBB
Price off of this car and no it doesn't deserve to be that much. I'm so
angry and upset right now! The stress level was this far " " from being
drastically lower :-(

Sorry....just a little bitter about the whole thing.


Robin Wilson August 20, 2010 at 2:31 PM  

I bought my van same year..I don't know your miles for 2800.00. Granted I live in Michigan where we have no money and no jobs BUT that price is WAY inflated. :( That sucks. I hate cars, and I hate car shopping. I refuse to have any part of it, Mike does it all!


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