Mary Jane 350/365

Not my best photo, but I thought it was worthy of capturing, even while
Nathan was driving. We were on our way back from Athen, Ga. We had been to
visit one of the members in our church, Tony. Tony is in his late 50s and
has cancer. He's been kicking it's ass for a year cancer on his
scans until about 2 weeks ago. They found it on his liver. When we left
his room, Nathan and I both cried and held each other because we were sure
it would be the last time we saw him. So on our way home, the sky clouded
up and looked really sad and depressing...sort of like we felt. And then
the clouds started clearing and you could see the sunset in the west....and
then in the east...I could see this crazy pink stripe in the sky. That pink
stripe somehow made me feel the middle of ugly, you can find
the beautiful. The next day, we heard from Tony, who was doing so much
better. They had put him on dialysis and they think it has helped him
tremendously. He felt so much better that the doctor said he could start
doing chemo again.

There's always hope. Always.



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