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"I am a pathetic emotional / stress eater. I know I shouldn't but I do EVERY
TIME. I didn't even want the G.D. ice cream...but I ate it anyways. Today at
work I was seconds away from a full panic attack, it makes me wonder what
the hell they would have done if I had just started hyperventilating and
passed out..would they have called 911 or just fired me and called me
crazy. I do not handle anxiety well, it was the straw that broke my back.
I didn't see it coming, I don't want to be in the market for a new job, but was it. I didn't quit, but I am so done with the overtime,
the drama, the lack of professionalism, the criminals, the equipment that is
broke, the lack of support, the lack of respect. I am choosing to enjoy my
life, instead of hating every second of the day I am inside that building
which is typically 10+ hours. Life is too damn short!"


Gaylynn August 22, 2010 at 12:29 PM  

Oh, how I can relate! Be careful. I flew off the handle once for all the same reasons. I was able to salvage my job, but it was never the same. I ended up leaving later. You are right, life is short, but it is damn difficult without a job. So, as bad as this advice may seem, eat some ice cream, find a new job, then tell these guys to shove it!

Mary Jane August 23, 2010 at 11:30 AM  

Gaylynn is can exercise to counter act the ice cream. Life is too short honey, but sit back and take a deep breath and know that the job is only temporary...but find another one before you quit. BTW, lovely bowl by the way...i have the same ones. :) You have good taste.


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