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My husband has strange eating habits...he is in nearly perfect shape, but
eats like crap. What isn't pictured here is all the sugar he dumbs in his
coffee, or the ice cream he eats all the time....this is REALLY unfair!


Marie August 28, 2010 at 7:19 AM  

Preachy for a moment: Non diet soda while useless calories is MUCH MUCH healthier for you than diet. Diet soda is on the list of the most bad for you foods ever. Once in a blue moon I would imagine wouldn't do a lot of damage, but a chronic habit like someone I know has is detrimental to your health. Might not initially show, but I promise you it is and what time better than now than to start breaking that habit? They make it addicting on purpose you know....I could go on for eons on the dangers on this, but for now I will stop and save it for another "pep talk".


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