Sarah 348/365

Sarah 348/365

Please, ask me any questions you have, I will answer them with an honest heart and good intentions. Don't ask me questions that you already know the answers too, and don't ask them assuming I don't understand that you are only trying to get under my skin.

Most of all, don't fucking ask me questions in front of my boy when you know the answer you are going to get is one that is going to be hurtful to a little man who loves his daddy and misses him terribly. No, he doesn't go stay at his dads house, he doesn't get to hug him, or tell him that he loves him because he's in jail, and you fucking knew it before the words came out of your mouth.

And don't think I faltered before I answered out of shame. There is nothing for me to be ashamed about. I faltered because I was not sure you wanted me to get into it in front of your daughter. This is not the way to start a new relationship, it just isn't.


My assumption was she knew about the situation based on other things that have been said in the past. I think I was wrong. I am leaving the caption up as it stands because when I posted it yesterday this was what I was feeling, and it hurt and I was angry. Now I am only sad that I made an assumption that was wrong and hurt someone else. Ugh, can anyone say clusterfuck?


RobinTwo August 15, 2010 at 9:48 AM  

Oh shit Sarah :( .....some people just don't think before they talk...... I'm sure they didnt realize how wrong their comments said in front of Eli were and how shitty it was going to make you feel.... {{{hug}}}

Rebecca August 16, 2010 at 3:02 AM  

I can say "clusterfuck", and I can also say "edit"... You thought about it a lot and realised maybe you might have been wrong to assume, and you're big enough to admit that... And big enough to apologise to the other party if necessary. You learnt something from this, and so did I! Bex


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