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This sweet little man asked me last night if his Daddy tried to make me die. Someone has heard things I didn't want him to hear from someones mouth. I won't lie to him, so I told him yes, that Daddy was very sick and he couldn't think right, but that he was very sorry and wished he hadn't done that.

Someday Little Eli will have questions for Robert, hard questions that he has a right to ask. I hope Robert has helped himself enough by that time to give his child the answers he deserves.


Judy August 17, 2010 at 8:23 AM  

He is so adorable. I am sure it is hard for your family to deal with the situation without someone else dispersing information where it doesn't belong. Giving him answers to his questions in a context that is age appropriate is what I would have done also. Good thinking Sarah. You're a good parent and it will help all your children through this. I wish you the best.


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